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Quarantimes: Wru?

Wru? San ka? Where are you?

Before the pandemic, messages such as these would entail braving the traffic, the rush hour, and the long lines in the public transportation terminals. Nowadays, we barely text or chat with our family and friends and ask them where they are. Don’t you miss it?

So, where are you?

You’re at home. You’re either studying, working, or taking a break from all the chaos seen in the news. People are social beings and sometimes, it’s just tiring to stay at home. Some have the ability to go out for leisure while some have the need to go out. Just don’t forget to follow community quarantine protocol!

Tara? Ok.

Before the pandemic, a break to look at our phone and laptop screens are enjoyable but now, they bring unnecessary eye strains and headaches. Do you even remember the last time you shook someone’s hand or beso-beso(ed) your amigas? We all miss physical interaction and the flexibility to just hang out and leave whatever time you please. Now, we have curfews and social distancing among the shields and blue on our faces.

Even with this, it shouldn’t stop you from doing your best to have fun and be productive. Coworking spaces are made for flexibility and to see other people who aren’t people you live with. The pandemic has raised many issues that these spaces can cure such as the internet service and importance of having a work space. We can’t solve all our problems but we can take it step by step. Oh and you’ll be able to say you’ve been out (and be completely safe!)

C u!

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