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What's so Great about a Local Coworking Space?

The industry of working from home is getting bigger and much better for the majority. Despite that, there are times when you want to dress up and get out of the house just to try to be more productive. In creating the Shared Spaces Coworking Pad, we envisioned people, freelancers especially, to come to our space and spend time with us to work and be entitled a sense of community. Here are 5 reasons why a local coworking space is best.

1. It’s near you!

We know there is no place like home, but sometimes, we want to get out -- work, socialize, play, or just have a different view. We also know that the traffic is one of the biggest causes for your headaches. That’s why we curated a space just close enough to home but also close enough to go out and maybe try that new restaurant you always pass by.

2. Easy come and go

Setting up, getting comfortable, and fixing your stuff to go can take quite a bit of chunk of your time. Having a coworking space near you will help you be more organized and time-efficient. If you have errands to do, you can count on the space to keep a watch on your belongings. All you need to do is bring you and your thing and then you’re all set.

3. Feels like home

The comfort of home is truly a beautiful thing. That’s why coworking spaces try to balance the cozy yet professional environment. We want you to feel at home at our quaint space with enough motivation for you to work. We believe you can work and also have a comfortable time, without having to sacrifice the other.

4. Expand your network

You may be someone who wants to be alone during work, that’s why you work from home. Or you may be someone who thrives a group of creators. Either way, knowing other people who are in the same and different industry as you are is important. At local spaces, you’ll be able to meet people who are most likely different but also similar to you.

5. Be part of the community

No man is ever an island. We are biologically inclined to the need to belong. In local coworking spaces, not only do you get to meet people but also create bonds that last a lifetime. You grow as a professional and as a person just a stone’s throw away from home.

There are so many good things in having a coworking space near you. Maybe it's time for you to visit one and experience it yourself.

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